Overcoming Funding Challenges: Crossing the ‘Death-Valley’




02. november 2023


Mødelokale: SKY

Agern Allé 5A





1. november kl. 12:00

Christina Rich

Finding it hard and challenging to secure funding? Then take a look here:

Are you working on a cutting-edge research or innovation project but struggling with funding challenges? Join us to gain insights into funding opportunities and find solutions for your funding gap.

In this workshop, Gate2Growth will teach you practical ways to seek funding. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about strategic funding planning, including how to access various public and private funding opportunities at national and EU levels, as well as grants and investor funding. Grant2Growth’s goal is to show you how these sources can work together to support your project.

Gate2Growth’s team has years of experience in developing funding strategies and securing funding from diverse sources. During the workshop, they will share insights, tips, and strategies to help you successfully fund your project. Join us and learn how to create a successful funding strategy.

The Program:

08.30-09.00:  Arrival, coffee & croissants

09.00-09.30:  How to cross the Death Valley seminar with CEO and founder, Uffe Bundgård Jørgensen

09.30-10.00:  Q&A session

10.00-10.30: 1:1 free consulting session


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