How to ramp up your startup valuation

The power of validating your market potential

Too many startups fail simply because there is no need for their solution in the market. At this event we will help you and your startup validate your market the right way. Also, we are joined by Jan Rosenbom, partner in the renowned investor network Keystones, and he’ll tell us about startup valuations from an investor’s perspective and how you get investors’ attention.

The program:

  • Welcome to Futurebox with Peter Jespersen, Head of Incubation in Futurebox
  • The value of market validation and how to do it right with Thomas Klem Andersen, Program Manager in Futurebox
  • Startup valuation from an investor’s perspective with Jan Rosenbom, Partner in Keystones
  • Case: LuxC

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The event is in English.


We do our best to assure a safe conduction of our events. Therefore, we take into consideration the new premises Covid-19 has created.

For this reason, we have taken the following safety measures:

  • Face masks are mandatory during the event. You will receive a face mask at arrival.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available, and we encourage you to use it at arrival.