How GreenUP Accelerator became a game changer for the startup

GreenUP Accelerator is DTU Science Park’s green flagship within accelerator programs and specifically targets climate tech startups working with CO2-reducing technologies. For the startup RE-ZIP, who participated in the programme in 2021, GreenUP Accelerator has significantly impacted the company’s growth.

As Denmark’s leading deep tech community, DTU Science Park aims to help startups get faster, easier and more cost-effectively on the market with their innovative products.

In 2021, we, in collaboration with The Danish Industry Foundation and The Footprint Firm, established the accelerator program GreenUP Accelerator.

GreenUP Accelerator: A green flagship among acceleration programs 

 GreenUP Accelerator is a 20-month program for climate tech startups developing CO2-reducing technologies and innovations.

Startups in the program get to develop their companies through a Startup Phase and a tailored Scale-up Phase. The number one goal is to make the companies’ growth journey shorter and faster and contribute to more climate entrepreneurs entering the global market.   

From more than 100 applications, the 15 most promising startups are chosen to participate in the program. The first companies who began in 2021 just finished their 20-month journey, and one of the participants was the startup RE-ZIP

RE-ZIP: A circular packing concept

RE-ZIP is a reusable packaging concept for e-commerce. In broad terms, it is a return system for packaging that ensures that the packaging is reused. The circular packaging concept enables webshops to offer customers a sustainable alternative to disposable packaging. When reusing the same cardboard box or cardboard bag three, four or five times, 87 % CO2 can be saved.

During their 20 months in GreenUP Accelerator, RE-ZIP has gotten several international partners, more than quadrupled their team and started their series A round.

Hear Thomas Fugl, CCO and co-founder of RE-ZIP, explain their journey in GreenUP Accelerator and where they are now.

The third season of GreenUP Accelerator will begin at the end of April.

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